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Interview Coaching

If you have an interview scheduled with a potential employer, this is a great sign! Congrats! If you just starting your job search, you surely expect to be invited to some interviews shortly as well.

Don't sweat it! We are here to help you prepare so that you can perform as best you can when the day comes!

Typically, an interview implied that your resume got you through the first round, and that you fit the overall profile the employer is looking for. The interview is your opportunity to shine! This step often makes candidates nervous, especially if this not something that you do very often. If this rings true to you, rest assured that you are not alone feeling this way.

Our proposed approach is meant to break the ice with you. Our objective is to help you get your feet wet, get comfortable with the context of an interview, start preparing some key answers, coach you in articulating these well, and build your overall confidence towards the interview process. The best part? We are doing so in a non-judgemental environment, with the goal of providing you reinforcement and constructive feedback.

We believe in you, and we want to help you do the same before your next interview. Confidence goes a long way! Grab the bull by the horns!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.