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Business Services

Profilia also extends its services to companies and organizations, both in Canada & the United States.

LinkedIn services – Profile Optimization and Training

Having an online presence is extremely important for a company. It affects how potential customers, business partners, and employees perceive your services and the value you offer.

The image and message you convey influences the success of your brand. This includes your LinkedIn company page, but also how your employees & salesforce represent it through their own LinkedIn profiles. Companies who recognize LinkedIn as an important tool for sales, branding and employee experience reap the benefits of their investment, on many levels.

Our services include optimizing company LinkedIn pages, headshot photography, training employees on how to use the platform as a business development tool, as well as LinkedIn profile optimization for employees (sales teams, franchisees, executive leadership, etc.)

Outplacement Services – Resume writing and job search

We understand that making the decision to terminate or lay off employees can sometimes be a difficult one. If part of the package you are offering your employees includes helping them find new employment, we can be part of the solution.

Collaborating with your HR department, we can help create a package of services that will be beneficial to all its recipients. Once the initial objective and budget are set, your part of the work is done, and ours begins!

Working directly with your former employees, we will provide a customized package based on their needs. This can include resume writing, cover letter development, interview coaching, LinkedIn profile writing, and anything else helpful to their job search.

Contact us for further details and to discuss your plan of action.

Group Trainings, Webinars & Speaking Events

Most schools and vocational training centers want to tool their new graduates with job search tools & techniques before they venture into the job market. Similarly, community organizations and private companies can also benefit from training their members on topics such as LinkedIn best practices, job hunting strategies and digital networking.

We offer custom webinar presentations and speaking engagements, for which we will tailor the content and approach to the audience needs. Sessions can range from a one-hour session to a full day workshop. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.

Copywriting services

Whether you need to develop a new document, website, catalog marketing piece or client communication campaign, we can help you turn your ideas into a concrete result.

Through our copywriting services, we will meet with you to discuss your needs & vision. We will then carefully craft your copy to express your message, tone and offering, all the while using the proper terminology for your industry, clientele or SEO objectives. Every project is different, and we would love to contribute to yours!

Available in both French & English, our copywriting services also include graphic design options.

Administrative support – Document drafting, editing & translation

Based on your business needs, we provide a variety of administrative support services such as document preparation, text editing and translation. We specialize in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point platforms, and will prepare your documents on your behalf in respect of your company objectives, corporate image and field.

Depending on the size of your organization, we provide a wide array of services that you may need to outsource. Our professional and courteous team will take the time to understand your requirements as well as review the final documents with you to make sure they are prepared to your satisfaction.

Contact us for further details and a personalized quote.

Administrative support – Excel Expert and data manipulation

We also proudly offer the services of a dedicated and meticulous Excel Expert with a strong client satisfaction history, who benefits from over 20 years of experience in business analytics, data manipulation and reporting roles. Adept at working independently with little to no supervision, he is available to help you with all your data manipulation needs with complete accuracy and efficiency, all the while providing guidance and intelligence in terms of how to leverage the information in question.

The core services we offer are as follows:

Contact us to discuss your project needs.