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Resume Writing Services

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Resume - Student level
(no experience)


Resume - Entry Level
(1-5 years experience)


Resume - Middle management level
(5 -15 years experience)


Resume - Senior / Executive level


Cover Letter development


Graphic Design resume


LinkedIn profile writing

250$ +

LinkedIn Training

75$ / Hour

Interview Coaching

75$ - 150$ / hour

Thank you Letter / Email


Online Applications

Determined upon evaluation...

Resume posting to job boards

50$ / hour

Document translation

0.21$ / word

Document Editing / Proofreading

$0.19 / word

Text/ website development

0.25$ / word + Hourly Rate

Assistance in job search

Determined upon evaluation...

* Taxes included. Prices in Canadian dollar (cad).


Your resume is a chronological listing of your previous work experiences, education, accomplishments and competencies. Our professional resume writing services help you be clear, concise and composed with strong descriptive words listing what you have achieved and mostly what you are capable of doing.

Several models of resumes exist, depending on the specific goals of each applicant, a decision we will make with you during your needs evaluation. 


Specifically addressed to the employer or recruiter, your letter should describe why your skills and work experiences are interesting to the employer and thus make you the best possible candidate for the position. Through a clear writing exempt of any spelling mistake, your letter should capture the reader’s attention right away by highlighting your professional and academic accomplishments in order for them to invite you for an interview.


Sending a thank you letter after an interview has come crucial in the interview process, and is even often expected of you. As a professional and qualified candidate, following up after the interview shows interest in the position and allows you to follow up on the topics discussed. It should be addressed to the interviewer, and is an excellent opportunity for you to distinguish yourself among other candidates.


In Quebec, it is always convenient to have both english and french versions of your resume ready on hand, to be used at your convenience within the process of your job search. We offer the translation of your current CV or of the one Profilia will make for you.

In addition, we offer translation services for various types of documents, either of personal or corporate nature. Feel free to contact us for further details on these services.


Whether you need content to be written for you, or perhaps just someone to review what you wrote yourself, we can definitely help you. Depending on your objectives, topic of interest and audience, we can help you develop quality material you will be proud of.

Send us some key points your text should contain, perhaps some key words you want to include, or give us full creative control over your text. Either way, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work and we will be glad to welcome your input towards the final product.


Starting a business? Creating a new website? We can definitely help you achieve your objectives and express the message you want your website to convey.

We will work with you to develop your context, use keywords, speak to your audience, and prepare your website for success.


If your potential employment interests are vague or unclear, we can help you narrow down the fields you may want to apply for as well as look for specific openings in the particular field you select. In fact, once that choice is made, we also offer help in researching the opportunities fit for you within the job market and decide which ones you should apply for.


Most companies today ask candidates to apply directly through their website and submit their resumes online. In order to facilitate this process and save valuable time for you, we can complete this step of your job search for you by sending them your information on your behalf and completing the application process hassle free.


On today's competitive market, LinkedIn is a key tool for job hunting, professional networking and getting discovered by recruiters. Your profile has to be well built, relevant, updated and complete. Your profile can help you get discovered, and should give the right impression of you to its reader when that happens.


If you have an interview scheduled with a potential employer, this is a great sign! Typically, this means that your resume got you through the first round, and that you fit the overall profile they are looking for. The interview is your opportunity to shine! This step often makes candidates nervous, especially if this not something that you do very often. We can help you prepare so that you perform as best you can!


As an official affiliate of, we can help you extend your personal branding through a personal website. It is proven that employers are typically much more impressed with a candidate who uses this type of tool for self-promotion. Let us help you brand yourself, increase your online visibility and build your professional reputation.

As per Forbes magazine, 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate's personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.


Break the mold and recreate yourself by building your brand and professional image through a different approach. Our graphic design team will create a customized document for you, visually representing your skills, industry and specialization.

Because we know that this type of resume will not be appropriate for every company or posting, and because we know that you will also need a traditional version of your resume for other reasons, we will provide both versions to you, at no extra cost.


We know that you are busy, and we also recognize that filtering through countless online job boards can be overwhelming. That said, we are happy to do so on your behalf, giving you exposure to employers & recruiters all the while freeing your time to other productive things.


Profilia is proud to collaborate with local companies and recruiters in order to find the perfect candidate matches for vacant positions.

Leveraging our experience in resume writing & job search, our role under the recruitment umbrella is to place the right candidates in the right roles, as per our client needs, requirements and goals.

Whether you are an employer or candidate, we invite you to contact us for further information on how we can help you.
Let's chat!